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Dietician and Counselling

Dietician Services

The nutritional value of food plays a larger role than you might realize towards your fertility health. How you treat your body and what you eat can inadvertently be a major contributing cause of infertility. This can result from a lack of the specific vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are fundamental for a fully functioning reproductive system.

Why is nutrition important for men?

Poor diet can be a contributing factor towards male fertility issues such as - hormone irregularities, low sperm count, reduced motility (swimming capability) poor morphology (shape) and DNA fragmentation inside sperm cell. Low immunity can result from dietary factors, leading to illnesses or infections which can cause disturbances with sperm production for several months afterwards.

Why is nutrition important for women?

A poor diet can contribute towards fertility issues such as - poor egg quality, hormone imbalances, ovulation disorders, the inability for a fertilized egg to implant in the uterus, infections plus many other reproductive disorders.

We have an in-house dietician who can explain the importance of diet as well as make the necessary modifications to your existing diet to help achieve your nutritional and reproductive targets.

Counselling and Psychological Assessment

Being unable to conceive and give birth to a child has long been recognised as a very disturbing situation for the couples involved. Our society is generally seen as one that places a high value on couples bearing children and consequently may be less than supportive to those who cannot fulfil this expectation.

Counselling is a valuable resource for all clients, proven to be effective in helping people cope with distress. The emotional implications of treatment are complex and demanding, and counsellors help patients think these through in a setting where they need not feel their suitability or commitment to treatment is under scrutiny. Others will value the opportunity to explore the difficult feelings that seem to besiege them, even potentially overwhelm them. For a donor, the complexities of possibly being identified by a child as his/her genetic parent in the future require sensitive consideration with a counsellor.

Some people will benefit from targeted interventions to deal with particularly difficult feelings. High levels of anxiety and difficulties in coping respond well to relaxation training or the use of specialised psychological and behavioural treatments. At Disha we strongly believe that no assisted reproductive technique will attempt to help people with fertility issues without paying careful attention to their needs as 'whole' people experiencing a period of turbulence and potential difficulty. Their social and emotional well-being should be an important priority.


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