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Donor Egg (IVF)

There are patient's who for various reasons, do not produce eggs. In these cases it has been proven that egg donation is a very effective procedure in a wide range of problems. Oocyte donation would necessiate using the husband's sperm for fertilization and transferring the resultant embryo to the infertile female partner.

The indications for oocyte donation or embryo donation include the following conditions

  • • Early menopause / premature ovarian failure
  • • Gonadal agenesis/dysgenesis
  • • Surgical procedures leading to removal of ovaries
  • • Poor response to ovarian stimulation
  • • Patient aged above 45 years(pre-menopause / menopause)
  • • Failure of multiple attempts of assisted reproduction methods (IVF, ICSI)

Our priority is to ensure that patients requiring treatment using donor eggs receive this treatment within a reasonable time frame. Fortunately our donor Egg IVF success rates are among the highest in India with the pregnancy rate being approximately 40-50% per embryo transfer in our unit.

Your choice of egg donor is entirely up to you. We will be happy to help you find an egg donor. We have many healthy young fertile Indian women (all of whom are less than 30 years of age , have been medically tested for their fertility; and screened for infectious diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS ) on our egg donor panel, who have been fully evaluated as well as tie ups with various donor egg agencies in order to provide a wide variety of options to enable you to choose the one best for you.


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