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Embryo Donation

Embryo donation or embryo adoption is a well-established and successful treatment for the couple's who previously thought they could never have children. Embryo donation is usually less expensive and has a fewer medical complications compared to in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The success of embryo donation compares favorably with egg donation. The whole process is carried out with keeping identities utmost secret of the donor and recipient couple. The recipient couple does not even need to inform their obstetrician that they achieved their pregnancy through embryo adoption! Unlike traditional adoption, the couple does not have to go through a legal process to adopt, but do so through medical treatment.

There are many reasons why couples may prefer embryo adoption to adopting a child. For infertile couples, embryo adoption offers the unique opportunity to be pregnant, to bond with their child prior to birth, and to give birth. In addition, embryo adoption may be much more affordable than traditional adoption in the countries like the US. Embryo adoption also offers couples privacy and secrecy, so that they do not need to worry about societal acceptance of their adopted child. Also in India, certain groups such as Christians and Muslims cannot adopt and for them embryo adoption is an attractive option. It is important that both the donor and recipient couples be adequately counselled about the treatment.

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